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“Our mission is to help small businesses compete with Fortune 500 companies.” 

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FluxCatalyst is a business solutions provider that marries the power of AI with Business Process Management (BPM) to make operations smoother, faster, and more efficient. We specialize in the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Business Process Management, leveraging both technologies to reduce overhead costs, maximize efficiency, and create sustained growth.

How we collaborate with you?

Our unique approach starts with understanding your needs and crafting custom solutions tailored to your exact requirements. We help companies like yours simplify processes from end to end so you can save time and money while achieving measurable ROI goals.

Our Mission How we Collaborate With You

What we’re doing

Business Process Management (BPM) Systems

BPM systems typically involve modeling the existing processes, identifying areas of improvement, and implementing changes to achieve desired outcomes.

Case Management Systems

Case management systems provide a framework for capturing, organizing, and tracking information related to cases, enabling efficient collaboration, decision-making, and resolution of cases.

Leveraging AI Technologies within BPM and Case Management Systems

By leveraging AI technologies within BPM and case management systems, organizations can achieve greater efficiency, faster resolution times, improved customer service, and better overall process performance.

Bonitasoft's Platform for Business Process Management

Bonitasoft provides a platform for modeling, execution, monitoring, and continuous improvement of business processes.

Our Team


Rashid Hashmi

Co-founder | Six Sigma Master Blackbelt

With over 30 years of Operations & Executive Management experience, Rashid spearheads strategy and execution of the business
automation consulting for FluxCatalyst clients. With deep knowledge of Pega across We Take It Step-By-Step industries, Rashid works to understand your specific needs so you can succeed.

Team Member

Patrick Gorgen

Co-founder | Partnerships

Over 15 years spent consulting clients on SaaS solutions, Customer Insights, and digital marketing, Patrick collaborates with FluxCatalyst clients to identify their problems and provide the right solutions.

Team Member

Zee Aman

Co-founder | Technology

Over 12 years leading tech teams leveraging cutting edge technology, Zee implements process automation and solutions for FluxCatalyst clients so they can grow and thrive. Whether it’s AI or BPM solutions, Zee uses the top tools to get you the best results.

Convergence of AI & BPM

The convergence of AI and BPM combines technologies to enhance and optimize business processes. It enables intelligent process automation, leveraging AI for complex task automation. AI provides decision support and optimization by analyzing data and suggesting improvements. Predictive and adaptive workflows anticipate future events and adjust to changing conditions. 

Natural language processing and chatbots improve user experience. Intelligent document processing automates document handling. Continuous process improvement uses AI to monitor and optimize processes in real time. Enhanced customer experiences are achieved through personalized interactions and recommendations. Overall, the convergence of AI and BPM drives efficiency, agility, and improved customer satisfaction.

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